Girls in


What is Girls in STEM?

Why STEM and not STEAM?

How do we work?

Girls in STEM is a CAS group that was founded by a student at Atlanta International School in 2016 when she found herself to be the only girl in HL Physics and watched as other girls slowly dropped out of the more challenging math and science classes. The Girls in STEM group is dedicated to helping girls maintain their interest in STEM, and educating others about why female representation in STEM is important.

When Girls in STEM was started in 2016 our founder felt that the AIS community already had a strong support for the Arts and that many girls are already attracted to the Arts related to STEAM. Given this, there was a conscious decision to focus more on STEM instead of STEAM.

The Girls in STEM group has several main functions. We bring in female STEM speakers, volunteer with students, and help foster a sense of community among our girls. You can learn more about this by clicking on our "About" page.

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